Friday, August 31, 2007

a night at R'toto

Right, I've been in Auckland for a week now. Its been good to get back and see the fam although it did have the downside of me filling in my sister's cooking nights because she's away for Netball champs in Whangare (pronounced fang-a-rey).

My sister and I decided to kick start our weekend last night by hitting up R'totos on the Shore. We waited for nearly an hour to get in but it was sorta worth the wait. I swear to G that short white chick who kept shoving me was on her last straw. But I consider myself a passive person so I let it slide. Besides she had a fugly out-fit on so that was punishment enough for her lol (my inner "mean girl" is chuckling to herself right now).

R'totos is a bar /restaurant in Takapuna in Auckland's North Shore. It's pretty big with a capacity of 200 plus maybe (I'm just guessing) and is one of the North Shore's swankier night spots (plus it's close to home). The music at times reminded me of Lamana. It was a combination of dance/tech/rock/rnb/rap and they even had videos for every song. I caught myself watching the videos in the midst of dancing. It's got a good vibe about it and once you get inside all you wanna do is grab a drink and dance. The water features outside are funky (I think someone poured some bubble bath into it last night) and the main bar is a beach hut complete with thatched roofing. There is ample sitting space inside and out but the dance floor is pretty much where you want to be.

My highlights for the night - when they played destination calabria, pictures by Sneaky Sound System, Rock this part by Bob Sinclar. My pet peeves for the night - R'totos closing at 1am, the long line outside, the mini- Lisa Loeb with the fugly outfit who kept trying to shove me and the clowns who kept pushing or line-jumping. Overall I'd give it a 3 out of 5.

Alex Guadino - Destination Calabria

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