Thursday, September 27, 2007

Finding Marvin Gaye continued

I finished Trouble Man late on Tuesday night. Marvin Gaye's life was dogged by his demons, always struggling between doing the right thing and doing what he felt like doing. I was often shocked, saddened and disappointed by what I read and asked the question 'why' throughout the whole book. At the same time I know that if we understood why he did things then well, that wouldn't be Marvin Gaye. While I read I often felt despair and depressed as if I could feel his pains through the pages. It quite frankly scared me that a book to do that, hell it's not even rational.

I think Caryl Phillips said it best in her review of the book
" Trouble Man is a definitive and often shocking glimpse into the life and times of one of America's greatest music talents. This wonderful book both moved me and disturbed me"

I learned more about the man and his music from this book then I thought I would. I've got a greater understanding of the grounds he made as an artist and it's made me appreciate his music even more. What's Going On is definitely a must have for me now.

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