Monday, September 3, 2007

The Waterfront

Located on the Viaduct just outside the America's Cup yacht the Waterfront caters to 250 people max. The last time I'd been to the Waterfront was last year in April or May and my has it changed since then.They've done a major overhaul to the interior and revamped it.

They've extended the space by adding an extra lounge over what use to be the bathrooms. Gone are the booth like seats which lined the walls and there are now 2 major dance areas: the old dance floor & the space just before the deck (to the left as you walk in).

There are even more sitting areas:
-the deck outside for smokers (smoking inside bars and clubs in NZ is banned)
-the two booths to the front of the bar
-the lounge area where the bathrooms used to be and
-the outdoor sitting area on the other side of the main dance floor which over looks the viaduct.note: the lights looked like candles in the ceiling.

The DJ was great that night. He did some great mixing and manged to get the crowd going with some good tech n house joints adding into the mix some hip hop n rnb club bangers. He surprised me with a mash-up of red red wine and buy you a drink (which I'm still searching for). Other faves that night would have to be destination calabria (once again), blow my whistle and a lot of other songs that fail to come to mind right now.

It's definitely risen on my list as one of the night spots to visit. Note to the fellas, mind what shoes you're wearing because their dress code changes. Sometimes they'll let you in with your nikes, vans, etc and sometimes they won't. Always have your ID ready otherwise you won't get in. And don't bother going if you're claustrophobic cos it does get crowded in there. My rating 4.5/ 5

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