Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Cool Kids

I regularly go onto Honorable Media for new music and their reviews on Urban Entertainment. Two weeks ago I stumbled across a posting of theirs written by a guest contributor on The Cool Kids. He likened their style to

L.L. Cool J’s Walking with a Panther + The Beastie Boys + 2007 Special Ed over beats that are N.W.A.-era Dr. Dre + Rick Rubin + Hyphy Movement = The Cool Kids

and after listening to their second single Black Mags, I can say that I agree with that.
Out of curiosity I hit up their myspace page and listed to a couple tracks, I have to say that they have a new-old style of rap. Its different then a lot of music out there but I think its refreshing.

Black Mags - The Cool Kids

Check out the cool kids: totally flossed out ep reveiw or visit their myspace page

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