Monday, March 9, 2009

The Sing Sing on Queen Street

This year's Auckland Festival featured PNGs very own George Telek as part of the Sing Sing performance group.

It was a great ensemble of performers and band members from around Oceania and the music was great.

There were solid performances from traditional dances from West Papua, PNG to Aboriginal as well as a great fusion of modern contemporary music with traditional songs and couple with strong political messages.

There was a great performance of Freedom by George Telek and a competent performance of the Manus dance (my biased view lol). It was a great night and a wonderful sight to see so many Others enjoying the music. There was a great turn out of Papua New Guineans that night and it was good to see the younger generation of New Zealand based pikinis getting a taste of PNG music and getting the chance to see a PNG music legend.

NOTE: videos to come

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