Friday, July 24, 2009

Fresh Tunes: Jay Z DOA (death of autotune)

I love hiphop-well when rappers wrote good, smart, witty ryhmes and when they come out with well written songs. WIth some of the silly wannabes out there right now (I am ANTI soldier boy) I am keen to see how Jay Z fares with the album he'll be releasing. Jay Z is set to release The Blueprint 3 in September and I know I'm hella late with catching on to this song but I must say that I appreciate that he's changed up the production going for a band sound with little trace of produced music and he sounds good lyrically.

My favourite line in the song has to be: "I know we in a recession but the music that ya'll makin gon make it the Great Depression" Having him rap in front of the band reminds me of the MTV Unpluged session he did back in 2001 with The Roots and Angie Stone etc.




Here is the second single off the Blueprint 3. Featuring Kanye West and Rihanna the song is Run this town

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  1. Its a little ironic that Jay Z decided to use Kanye West on this track considering that the first single was Death of Autotune and that Kanye's album 808s and Heartbreaks was pretty much autotune saturated.