Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tips to staying healthy during winter

Winter is upon us and I am on my guard trying to avoid getting sick myself and my family ill. Here are a few tips I've found and will be trying to ensure we make it through the winter a little less out of pocket (due to doctor's visits) and in better shape than we did last year.

Eat healthy
Make sure to eat lots of vegetables and fruit to ensure your body has what it needs to put up a good fight against those bugs and keep your fluids up. Taking vitamins will also help. Also get into excerise so that your body has a good chance of keep up a defensive against illness.
Get enough rest
Making sure you get the recommended eight hours of sleep. This will help your body with fighting off illnesses. Several sites recommend developing a bed time routine so that your body learns to anticipate sleep.
Use hand sanitisers to avoid and clean up your living spaces and communal items like mouses/phones/remotes to avoid germ spreading.
Keep covered
Cover your mouth/face when coughing or sneezing (sanitise after) and keep warm.

Be safe and stay healthy!

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