Wednesday, August 25, 2010

4 MiMi!!!!

Forget this lame dude and poor excuse of a man
Far beyond the deep recesses of your mind
Let him wander but never in your mind
Let him linger but only cos he wishes he his time back with you

A tough situation cos we come from broken homes
Want something better for our sons, for them to know
A childhood without the pain, without the struggle
So we sacrifice our pain and hope we can maintain but to what extent till we encroach on our own happiness?

Lets forsake this troubled mess and walk away and find another way
Because God is good, he'l be your hero-walk you through this pain and carry you through those darkest of times

A Queen you are much too regel for this sh*t
Destined for bigger things than you can ever imagine
Take your good news and plan for the future
Life's too short and time too precious to waste it trying to pick the pieces

Hang in there Mi!

as cheesy as this image might be, just hope it inspires you a lil

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