Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pressing On

I'm feeling one phase of my life is approaching the end. With the clocking winding down one always gets that "pit in your stomach" feeling because you don't know what's up ahead and also because you haven't planned for the next phase. And with my partner finishing up university next semester I'm going from counting down to when he finishes to where do we go from here.

I have to say fear of the unknown is among my top 5 fears right next to snakes,lizards,failure and dying due to a shark attack.

So what to do???? I'm supposed to be do a revision/rewrite of my personal goals but events of the last 3 weeks have made it impossible to do that. So now with things quieting down I hope to have some time available to reflect,rewrite/revise my goals.

I'm praying I have the energy and time to do this! Its ESSENTIAL that I do.

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