Sunday, January 30, 2011

A day in the life: reflections...

Funny how its been acouple of years since I started blogging I had visions of this eventually turning into a site for young Papua New Guinean women to converge and read up on fashion and music and all that kinda stuff, like a clutchmag for us PNG women.

4 years, one uni degree and a baby later I am blogging less, tweeting more and working a double shift as a parent/mother. My how life changes things up and my how we are tested as and shaped by our experiences on this life journey.

So my blog is evolving and I'm gonna rename it once more-the socialista was lame-o anyways-me being faux fashion poser,again lame.

I'm pulling down the head for now and leave it blank for the moment till I come up with something more appropriate.

For now my dreams and aspirations are the same but my immediate priority is to be a mother so my goals on the next page are becoming painstakingly slow to accomplish. God willing, I will be blessed with the strength and drive to get where He plans for me to be.

check out one of my reminisce songs, uni days were crazy lol

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