Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fragility, Mere mortal, no invincible, life is short-thoughts on Keegan

On Tuesday 22nd Feburary 2011, Keegan Willams passed away. He was a son, nephew, friend, flat mate, boyfriend. This guy was full of life, bursting with energy and talent and it was only three weekends ago that they he and friends had been looking for, of all things a hack saw so that they could cut a lock from a boat and go out fishing.

I didn't know you very well but the one time I saw you, I recall this bright smile and wave you gave when we drove Harry by your house last year. In that single moment I saw a glimpse of the person your were and for me I felt this was someone you had to meet and kick it with, at least once so that you can soak a up a little bit of their aura. I'm saddened that I did not get to do that.

Gone too soon is simply the thought that comes to mind when I think about you. And its in moments like this that I am suddenly reminded of the fragility of life and the realness of the saying "tomorrow is not promised".

Your passing has taught me, if anything, to be thankful of the days I have, to bask in the presence of my loved ones, to remind them that I love them and most of all to carry myself with at least a fraction of the positive energy you had.

You'll be missed Keegan.
Rest in eternal peace in the Lord's arms.

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