Sunday, February 20, 2011

Images: Alvin Lee - ESPN Rise Magazine -Video Game Issue

Art work was done by Alvin Lee and colour by Fabian Schlaga for ESPN's Rise Magazine for High School Atheletes in the States. Click on the Links to visit each players short story/origin.

The idea was simple: Let’s take four of the nation’s best high school athletes and turn them into video game characters. And let’s get one of the best comic book and video game artists in the world to help us do it.

Enter Alvin Lee, a Toronto native who made his name drawing Street Fighter comics and Capcom video games and has also worked on famous franchises like the Fantastic Four and X-Men for Marvel Comics.

We then created secret identities for the four senior athletes, though the truth is they already seem like superheroes: Jadeveon Clowney is the nation’s top football recruit, an unstoppable defensive end who has been compared to Julius Peppers; Michael Gilchrist is the rare elite basketball recruit who is as motivated defensively as he is talented offensively; Nick Vena is a record smashing powerhouse and arguably the top prep shot putter in history; and Daniel Norris is the best baseball prospect in the country, a southpaw who is virtually unhittable thanks to his combination of power and finesse.


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