Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sooo over it!

I saw 3 things on facebook today that made me see red. I read about an incident in the highlands regard Belgium couple, I read about an ethnic clash in Port Moresby and I read about an incident of racism in a Brisbane grocery store.

The story about the Belgian couple hit me the hardest and is beyond comprehension. I am struggling to find the words to describe the intense and overwhelming feelings I have regarding people's continuous and conscious disrespect of there fellow man-of our fellow man.

It makes me want to go ape sh*t and ninja assassin and kick some ass because this should not be happening. It just shouldn't. Our youth and people are losing their way and there seems to be no road to redemption. It gets me down and makes me question my motives about going back to a counry where we-the people are self destructive and sabotaging any chance we have of moving forward.

I get that we as a country have a long way to go with strengthening our economic and social welfare and all that good stuff(I apologise for over simplifying this) but we need to start really looking out for each other and really taking care of each other and really RESPECTING each other n STOP acting like animals and lunatics and greedy children (yes MPs I'm talking about some of you and your fat salaries and handouts, not to mention your fat bellies). It starts in your homes ya'll and then your families (cos we are big with families in PNG) and your communities.
This ish MUST change!

BTW the image is by lebllues seen on deviantart. Found it when I did a google search :P

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