Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cl!ck on this: The uniform Project & Twitter Plans to buy TweetDec Inc.

The Uniform Project via The Namorong Report
Touching young hearts and transforming lives

Every morning during the week days people come to my betelnut table to change their money for bus fare coins. Some of these are parents who change their money and send off their kids to school.

I've noticed many give their children just K2 (K1 = 36 US cents). The K2 that the child gets is to travel to and fro school and that costs about K1. So the child has only K1 for lunch.

Many of these children don't even have breakfast before going to school.

It is with-in this context that they are expected to compete with their peers who may come from better homes. READ ON HERE

Twitter plans to buy TweetDeck Inc. via Ab Absurdo

Imagine - a world where you didn't need so many tabs open or to click from browser to browser finding where your Facebook page or Twitter page was?? TweedDeck is the solution! READ ON HERE

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