Monday, April 4, 2011

A day in the life: Possessing your future

Since my return from PNG, I have realised that I am spiritually running on empty. When I was at my most focussed and "on the up" I was in the last couple of years in high school and I was actively refuelling my spiritual tank with prayer and reading the bible and attending church and mass (I went to a Catholic high school).

Living in the "white man's world" it can be so easy to get caught up and lose sight of where you're headed. Long story short- I've felt a strong urge to go to church and just listen and absorb the weekly sermons/teachings and just try to discern where to go from this stagnant phase of my life.

These past  two weeks, firstly, we had Pastor Peter Mortlock speak about the sowing of the seeds for miracles and of the prayer over those seeds. This week, the guest speaker, Pastor Patrick Ondrey talked about Possessing Your Future.

These two sermons spoke greatly to me as someone who is stuck in a rutt-career wise and life wise and I received a kick in the backside cos I came to see that I need to make some changes in order for me to progress. Pastore Patrick spoke about the 6 Laws of Possessing Your Future and he listed them in the following order:

1. The Cut
2. The Fill
3. The Beyond
4, The Shut
5 The Open
6. The Move

Pastor says it better so click here to download

I apologise for not going into detail and for this post being poorly written but its after 12 midnight and the drive I had to make this a stellar post ran out of fuel.


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