Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kiwi As: the kiwi songs you ought to be able to singalong to

There will always be a song or several songs that are ingrained in the culture/s of a nation-aside from national anthems, popular/well know folk songs.

My kid brother came back from his school social and after a quick discussion I realised that no matter what your generation, there is/are always that/those song/s you will subconsciously know and sing along to.
If you're a Kiwi, or have lived in NZ, I reckon these are the unofficial anthems/modern "folk" songs that you will know:

The Exponents-Why does love do this to me
Released in 1992, the song is still doing the rounds and can often be heard in night spots. It has been used in recent years in an Air New Zealand ad campaign as well as for the 2007 Rugby.

Southside of Bombay- What's the time Mr Wolf
Although the song was released in 1992, it was given a fresh breath of life in 1994 when it was featured in Once were warriors.

Patea Maori Club- Poi'e
Released in 1984 (before I was born,it stuns me to say) the song was the biggest selling single that year in New Zealand. The song had a very interesting video comprising elements of hip-hop culture-break dancing and rapping. This song was also featured in last year's movie hit Boy (which is now the highest grossing NZ film).

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