Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tech tracks: Useful sites/Downloads/Apps

There are a whole lot of sites and downloadable applications that come in handy.  I thought I would make a list to share-you know dissemination of information and all that :-)

1. AVS Video Converter
A colleague of mine was kind enough to share some movies with me and I have my dvd player plays from usb flash drives but however I needed to convert the movies into .avi in order to convert them. I've had trouble using VLC to convert these files and AVS Video Converter made things so much easier. YOU can also convert files so that they are compatible for playback/accessible on you phone, etc.You will have to pay a registration fee though (the last time I checked you had to).

2. Twitterfeed.com
I signed up for a twitter account for his blog and I didnt want to maually keep updating the post updates into twitter. This site will directly feed any updates you have into you twitter account to notify your followers of new posts.

3. Snaptu
I have a Nokia phone and I was looking for an all in one application for when I need to tweet or facebook on the go. This app is quite useful if you don't have the inbuilt social networking apps for iphones/blackberrys. I especially like this one because I don't have to keep signing in to my facebook/twitter accounts and I can manage both my twitter accounts (my personal one and the blog accounts)

4. Tweet Deck
One look at the site and you know you have to download it.

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