Saturday, May 21, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Noel Gourdin

Noel Gourdin (pronounced Gor-deen). When I first heard him I though to myself his voice sounds like D'Angleo and Jaheim rolled into one. Guess you can understand why his website describes him as "a man who is city to the heart but southern to the soul" because his music is soul with urban influences.

I first came across him on where I heard his song "beautiful". Its a nice, appreciative song without being cheesy.

Contrary to what I thought he is about to release his second album titled Fresh: The Definition

I find his music a refrshing and something that RnB has been missing of late as more and moe artists trend toward the euro dance movement/sound. More than that, you can appreciate his lyrical ability.

His most notable hit to date is The River which reached number one on the US RB charts in 2008. The single came off his debut album After My Time. He is currently signed to Mass Appeal Entertaiment. Another notable song is The One-one of my personal favourites.

Noel Gourdin: "One Love" by Mass Appeal Entertainment >

Visit his website or find him on:
Reverb Nation

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