Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick Links-Sean Dourney's Peter O'neil interview...

Sean Dorney interviews Peter O’Neill, PNG Prime Minister via masalai blog

First Official Motorola Razr pic surfaces
While we wait until 27 October for Aussie details, Motorola will launch the Razr in the US tomorrow, and the official photo of the handset has surfaced. The image shows the Razr from several angles, revealing its slim body with its chunky top end, housing the phone's camera, presumably. Rumours have the Razr running Android and packing a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and an 8-megapixel camera capable of shooting HD video, although we'll have to wait until tomorrow before we know for sure. (via cnet)

i-cast: Who will be cast to play Steve Jobs? By Tony Ibrahim via

Sony has secured the rights to a movie based on Steve Jobs’ biography, with the company warming up to produce another The Social Network look into the Mac Prodigy’s life. According to a New York Times source, Sony forked in excess over $1 million for the authorised Steve Jobs biography. Penned by Walter Isaacson, Jobs commissioned the autobiography hoping his kids could feel as though they know him. The big question begging to be asked is ‘Who will play Steve?' Website DigitalTrends has postulated a few big names, read on here

Best value prepaid plans-Australia By Joseph Hanlon via cnet Despite several of the telcos adopting simpler plan structures recently, buying a mobile phone and connecting to a network in Australia is still a test of wits and patience. If you're hoping to avoid a contract with a prepaid phone plan, there are some bargains to be found, but you'll have to do your digging. Comparing the numerous prepaid options is a minefield of maths and bonus offers — most telcos have half a dozen plans each with a tiered pricing structure to consider, plus a variety of freebies and discounts along the way. The only fair way to find the best plans is to agree on a few fixed elements, like SMS and data usage, and to figure out how many average calls you can make every time you recharge your account. We'll work with 150 SMS messages per month and a data allowance of 100MB. read on here

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