Friday, November 18, 2011

DIY: tumeric facial masks

I don't usually post beauty tips on the blog but there is a first for everything. On a quest to find more "natural" ingredients that I can use in my home I've stumbled upon this refreshing face mask. Ive grown weary of the Nivea and Clearsil treatments and thought I'd give this a go.

There are a few variations of this facial treatment that use the spice tumeric as a base. One uses tumeric and cucumber, another uses Tumeric, Sandlewood and Curd but the one I've tried combines Tumeric with honey, milk and basic plain flour.

Beginning with about a teaspoon of tumeric powder, I add two to three times the amount of plain flour and stir in some honey (a tablespoon) and milk. I usually stir this in until I get a smooth paste. I then apply it on to my face leaving out my eyes of course and wait forabout 10 minutes before washing it off.

The course texture of the flour and tumeric works as a gentle exfoliate to cleanse the skin. Once the paste is rinsed off, the result is a cool, refreshing and glowing face.

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