Sunday, December 11, 2011

Make Christmas a little less stressful.

Christmas has become a rather anxious time of the year. A time when most people spend a lot, worry about if he can afford gifts and sometimes their stress carries on after Christmas when they've over spent or rack up a hefty credit card bill.

I've found a lot of sites are reporting on affordable pressies and stocking fillers so don't be afraid to research and shop around online as well for savings.

If you're like me, I'd suggest keep gift giving, especially the more expensive gifts to a minimum or even save it for birthdays. I'd suggest focussing on the time spent on day-have lunch/dinner with the family-immediate or extended or have the friends round on the lead up to Christmas and for those of us with religious persuasions, why don't we attend Christmas service.

Remember, although Christmas was founded on pegan holidays and over the centuries has become blurred an tainted with commercialisation, make it a time you spend with those important to you, and if your religious, take time to commemorate the birth of the baby who would become the man who would become a Saviour.

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