Thursday, July 26, 2007


It’s my final semester at uni and the race is on for me to get my internship and job applications out. It’s hard to imagine what life will be like when I’m out in the real world trying to get ahead and comfortable. My fear is that my degree may not be enough although it does help it almost always is never enough. I came across this article on Clutch Magazine online titled Degree=job…maybe not and that gave several tips to help graduates “jump start” their careers:

Get Your Network On. It’s vital that you get out and network with other professionals and individuals that are involved and interested in your career path. If it’s one thing I have learned it’s who you know that will get you in the door.

* Intern. Intern. Intern. One big misconception is that college graduates can’t intern after college or it’s looked bad upon. But, this is so untrue, a lot of after college internships pay about $8.00-$17.00 - based on industry. Doing an internship after school can help you gain the experience needed to get in the door and also help you figure out if this is really what you want to do.

* Maintain A Portfolio. A portfolio is very important when interviewing. It gives you a chance to show off everything you have done in all areas of your life. If you are a college graduate bring in reports, your thesis or anything else you think can help show your abilities and skill sets.

* Get A Mentor. Finding a mentor can be one of the best career decisions you can ever make. A mentor can help guide and mould you into a future powerhouse as well as get you into doors you never thought possible.

* Resume Revamp. Regularly revamping and editing your resume is vital when job hunting. I would recommend having an HR professional look at your resume to offer tips and pointers. Also, this is where your mentor would come in, especially if they are in the same field that you are trying to get into. They usually know exactly what HR professionals look for when bringing in potential candidates. You never know…that one misspelling on your resume has kept you from health insurance and a job for the last couple months.

* Be Confident About Your Skills & Abilities. Just that! Be confident and let them know that you are the best candidate for that job!