Thursday, July 26, 2007

Why Women Cheat

And don’t act like you haven’t done it or thought about it. Check out this article I read on clutchmagonline. It was an interesting read and I agree with the fact that the number of women who cheat has gone up and with all the reasons the writer came up with as to why women cheat.

“Unlike men, it rarely has anything to do with a sexual need or ego boost. It’s usually more of an emotional neglect or a revenge factor and strategically planned and thought out to avoid getting caught.” The article by Rashana Hooks listed the following reasons as to why women cheat:

1. Low Self Esteem

2. Revenge

3. Curiosity

4. Lack of Communication

5. Not over their Ex

6. Thrill Seekers

7. Sexual Dissatisfaction

8. Just a hot mess

I like how she ended the article too “regardless of the excuse, cheating is still wrong and should be examined as serious problem in any relationship”. Tru tok!

For the full article visit: Why Women Cheat