Monday, July 23, 2007

[m]onday [g]ripe

Two things bugged me as I walked back from my Business Communication lecture this morning (and it wasn't one of the models of communication that we looked at)
1. Emos
2. Guys in skinny jeans

Emos- what are they? why all the black, excessive amounts of mascara, eye-liner and pouting facials. It really isn't that hard to spot an emo... and some of their fashion I admit I totally dig- the hair dos and the funky tees and and accessories. But the depression and moodiness that is associated with an emo is what I don't get. We live in a country where we have access to basic and essential services such as health care, education, public transport and the luxuries of a developed country. And yet there they went, a group of Yr13 students most likely from middle class families with access to the internet, cell fones and their i-pods loaded with emo music stashed somewhere in their bags.

Guys in skinny jeans
I really don't know what kinda fad that is. Some guys rock the hell outta them and look great and then there are those that should not be wearing them at all. I'm talking bout guys who already have the bonniest chicken legs and those that have them all caught up around the crotch area. Its not a good look period!