Friday, July 20, 2007

Thread Bare: Ricochet Clothing NZ

If it wasn't for trademe I wouldn't even have come across this New Zealand Fashion house.
Ricochet Clothing was established in 1993 by Tatjana Windhager and is 100% NZ owned and operated.
Their philosophy is affordable high-end women's fashion and they deliver that promise with pieces that are bold, savvy and fashion forward.
After browsing their Summer 06/07 and Winter 07 galleries, I was impressed to say the least (wishing I could go on an instant shopping spree). My favourite pieces from their winter 07 line (even though I'm inclined to say I love them all) is their Stellar top ( black), Iggy jacket and the Dempster pant, their Wallace Pant and their Kitana top. Visit their site to see their Winter 07 line and for their store locations in NZ or search trademe (keyword "ricochet clothing") for less pricey Ricochet items.