Monday, August 13, 2007

Chicks with Kicks

I am a self confessed junkie for sneakers and flats. I think my injuring my left ankle at aged 11 which left me with a slight limp has something to do with my wanting to rock comfy shoes. But comfy does not have to equal daggy. I love my chucks, my white, sparkling flats (which I call moccasins and I know they are going to break one day but till then I am going to keep wearing them), my pink airwalks and my white converses. Don't get me wrong I love shoes (what woman doesnt) but I love those types of shoes a lil more.
But that aside I just came across Chicks with Kicks. A column in and I must say, i love it! There articles are updated and the most of the fashion is stuff that I dig. This lil quote sums up what the column is about:
Chicks with Kicks is written as the name tells already only by girls. On this blog you will find all sorts of topics and articles that are related to streetwear and sneakers and lots of other topics from a girls point of view.
One of their contributers also has her own blog trendynation which I hit up every so often.

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