Monday, August 13, 2007

[m]onday [g]ripe

I'm too tired to gripe about anything...actually Im gonna take a swing at it and b*tch about the shitty weather we're having in Wellington right now. Its crap with a capital C and 3 exclamation marks at the end!
We've had hurricane type winds all weekend and the rainman decided to put out my fire for clubbing on Saturday night by letting loose stormy weather (damn u rainman!). I slept in this morning because I felt I deserved to although it was at the cost of my History of Journalism lecture. But as punishment for that the gods decided to open up the heavens and make my walk to campus a wet one. I got in my assignment in on time and without too much trouble which I haven't been able to to since my first year at uni.
So I just stepped out to take some pictures of the rain but I have the shittest view of the city from my room and I didn't want to look like and idiot with my fone in hand trying to take pics of who knows what.
Anyways...Maybe its just me but there are one too many chics at uni wearing the same type of ish and I find myself combating this by wearing different colours and summer prints with my flats or kicks. A lotta chics are trying soo much to fit in outfit-wise but I say fnck that, "this b*tch was born to stand out!" lol. Major props to the Asian students though, they rock some pretty funky fits. I just wish I had a camera so I could take some decent pics.

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