Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Children in need of counselling

PARENTS and teachers need to listen to children who are hurting at this time more than those who grew up some 30 to 40 years ago.
Head of June Valley elementary school Evangeline Clarence made these comments when talking to about the increasing number of hurting children in schools.
Besides having a heavy teaching workload, Ms Clarence goes out of her way to attend to disturbed children, and finds the number is rising every year but there are no trained counsellors for schools.
“Schools must have trained counsellors. Schools must be ready to attend to these children. I see many children who are crushed emotionally because home is not a happy place for them. Many are withdrawn and I know there is something wrong,’’ she says.
She said the social issues were numerous.
Mrs Clarence said that if it was not poverty, it was escalating number of family breakdowns with many children growing up either without their parents or with one parent and a step-parent. For instance, a child comes to school looking sick but further questioning reveals she is hurting deeply inside.
“My mum is gone, and my father is remarried but the new wife does not care for me,’’ is one of the common responses Ms Clarence gets when she talks to little children.
Mrs Clarence says she relies on the Bible for guidance.

SOURCE: (08 Aug 2007)

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