Thursday, August 9, 2007

PNG School Journal launching

The Papua New Guinea School Journal is to be launched today in Port Moresby by the Education Department. Its about time that journals like this be published to give aspiring writers,poets, and journalists an outlet. The journal is to be published on a monthly basis and is being funded with the help of the New Zealand government.

Despite the fact that the journal is targeted for students at primary school level I think its a good start. I only wish there could be one for Secondary School students as well. Like some sort of a writers forum. That being said I think that the best go for them would be for the creation of e-zine/e-journals that is specific to Secondary Students and whose contributers would be secondary students however given the fact that there is limited access to the net this could still be a while off.

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  1. I think thats great! I totally agree with your point where Papua New Guinean youths should be provided with more opportunities where a forum to discuss topics ranging from politics, corruption, social policy and other big news headlines. How about school community groups that could be set up with the sole purpose of 'amplifying Papua New Guinean youths' and their views on the management or mismanagement of their country in high schools! I mean, we are the future and if we are the ones that are eventually going to lead and develop the country, we need to start voicing our opinions because if we don't then what type of country are we going to have in the future? One where there is no social activism? Then how the fcuk are we going to develop?