Monday, August 20, 2007

Chocolate Goodness

I'm sitting here eating my first fudge brownie in months and my first chocolate treat in over a month.
Its a 7 by 8cm, 80gram piece of heaven. Mrs Higgins, you my dear ROCK!
With that being said, if Mrs Higgins rocks then the Mayans and Aztecs are Rock Gods in comparison. Their employment of the cacao seed made its possible for us to enjoy the treats of chocolates, chocolate drinks ( milkshakes,hot chocolates, moccacinos, etc). The Mayans and the Aztecs realised the potential of cacao seed and thousands of years ago were already using the cacao bean to make drinks. It was during the Spanish Conquest that the Spaniards also realised the value of the seed and began importing it back to the mainland. Within 100 years of introducing to Spain it's popularity had spread all over Europe. However it was expensive to import and it remained an "elite beverage" for the upper class who could afford it. It wouldn't be until the 1800s that the drink would become a confection and easier to produce. Fast forward into the 21st century and my how chocolate has gone from strictly a beverage into a confection, from limited consumption by the upper class to accessible by the public and to the many forms and combinations of sweet and wonderful (and sometimes sickly)delight.


  1. Omigod..I think I just .....


    that picture is just orgasmic....i swear...

  2. Hi sist...Its Carol...First of all. I love what you have done to this web page of yours...Very Lovely!!! I love it! Thank-you for letting me get through to see it. Wonderful. Yes, do please write about women of PNG...Especially the ones in the rural areas...I'm pretty sure alot of people would want to read that. I will also get others to come and check out your blog. I love it!!! Keep it up girl.