Friday, August 17, 2007

Tired of the bulky html codes that you have to copy and paste just so you can "pimp" your myspace page? well worry no more. has just the thing for you. Their flash media templates are easy to tweek i.e. you can choose your own colours and they leave you the freedom to add widgets and embed images. The downside is knowing where to put certain details e.g. your "about me" section but you'll quickly get the hang of that and the other things is you have to clear the old HTML codes you had so if you have a good bit of code for images/widgets I suggest you cut and paste that on to notepad and later add that into the appropriate section of the lovemyflash code AFTER you've saved it. Otherwise you'll mess up the code.
Shout out to Spowf for this post...if it wasn't for her myspace page I wouldn't have come across Thanks girl!

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