Friday, August 17, 2007

Artist Spotlight: Talib Kweli

"I tried" featuring Mary j Blige was my introduction to Talib Kweli.
The summer of 04 and well into 2005 other songs like "beautiful struggle", "broken glass" featuring Faith Evans, "Never been in love" , "we know" also featuring Faith Evans would be also become some of my favourites.
He released his debut album Quality in 2002, and the Beautiful Struggle in 2004.
I just recently found out (courtesy of Real Talk New York) that his third album is set for release on the 21st August. Titled Ear Drum it features production by will-i-am,Kany West, Kwame, Timbaland and guest artists Justin Timberlake, UGK, Norah Jones, and Musiq to name a few.
Intriugued by the reveiw I read on Real Talk I downloaded a couple songs just to have a listen and decide for myself.
Stand outs for me:"the Nature" ft Justin Timberlake,"say something" ft Jean Grae,"oh my stars","hot thing" ft will-i-am,"listen" & "more or less"
I was tempted to download other songs too but considering that he's got quality tracks I would much rather buy the album.
click here for the full review of Ear Drum
or visit his to listen the album

VIDEO: Hot Thing ft Will-i-am

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  1. Wow! Some artistic talent going on here with all the collaborations with J.T. and NORAH JONES! My god! I luuuuuuuuurve Norah Jones. Definately going to keep an eye out closer to the release date...