Sunday, September 23, 2007

Artist Spotlight: Jagged Edge

Atlanta RnB group Jagged Edge are back with their 4th album Baby Makin' Project

"Inspired as much by classic Motown soul as by 1980s new jack swing, Jagged Edge offer up a genuine R&B album filled with songs tailor-made for candlelit dinners and afterwards." SOURCE

The tracks I've listened to are quite laid back and mid-tempo and again their harmonies are on point. Whole Town Laughing and Way to say I love you are already my favourites off the album. Set for release on the the 25th September, Baby Makin' Project is also the group's first release on their own label 581 (which is an affiliate of Def Jam records).

1. Intro
2. Put A Little Umph In It feat. Ashanti
3. Whole Town Laughing
4. Me That's Who
5. Get This
6. I'll Be Damned
7. Can't Get Right
8. Way To Say I Love You
9. Sunrise
10. Round And Round
11. Turn U On

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