Monday, September 24, 2007

Finding Marvin Gaye

Today I started reading TROUBLE MAN: The Life and Death of Marvin Gaye by Steve Turner.
His was a tragic death and my knowledge of him at present is refined to a page on wikipedia and a handful of his songs that I enjoy ( got to give it up, what's going on, sexual healing, ain't no mountain high).

I'm some twenty pages in and already a sense of sadness, disappointment and doom is setting in as Turner lays out the foundations that would shape Gaye and be the source of his troubles. I am reluctant to read on in the fear that my idealistic vision of him will be tainted. "To know the artist, you've got to look beyond his music" . That's the thought that's burning in the back of my mind which is why I'll reluctantly read on tonight.


  1. babbbbbbbbbbbby i'm hot just like an ovennnnnnnnnn.........i need some lovin'........

    I need to read this book...

  2. No matter what they say, he is still my FAVOURITE soul man. But its a sad story indeed.

    Have to read this book though.