Monday, September 10, 2007

Manic Monday + weekend round up

Right, its Monday folks, the beginning of another hopefully productive, fun, drama free week (fingers crossed).
I've spent the past week doing desk research which has affected my sleep patterns and increased my intake of caffine. I handed in that research project today and I've finally decided to come up with a weeky/fortnightly outline of blog posts rather then post randomly which compromises quality and increases the likely-hood of bad punctuation (some of my olds posts reflect that. SMH). Moving on....

The VMAs are being held today which is actually yesterday because the 9th September was yesterday. (confused yet?) Britney Spears is performing her new single "gimme more" at the awards and I can't wait to see how that goes down (I'm already hooked on the song).

NRL semis took place over the weekend. The results are as follow:
Warriors vs Eels 10-12( I am totally gutted about the Warriors loss) This game was also the first finals match to be played outside of Australia in NRL history. I can't believe I missed that SMH.
Cowboys vs Bulldogs 20-18 ( go the Cowboys!!!)
Manly vs Souths 30-6
Storm vs Bronchos 40-0

check out my sister Michaelyn posing with a Warrior post match (excuse the quality...I'm soo J)

The Rugby Union World Cup kicked off last week. The opening ceremony was...different. I'm left wondering whether I'll have time watch some of the matches. Go the ALL BLACKS!!!

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