Monday, September 10, 2007

Apple stays ahead of the game

Apple has unveiled a slick touch-screen version of the iconic iPod as part of a product line overhaul.

IPod Touch models feature Apple’s Safari web browser and a built-in wireless antenna, meaning users can connect directly to the Internet at Wi-Fi ‘hot spots’ the same way they might with a laptop computer.
Apple built custom Google and Yahoo search functions into iPod Touch models, along with YouTube video viewing and an iTune Wi-Fi Music Store that permits shopping at the online store without going through a computer.
The iPod Touch models have been localized to an array of languages and will be the first part of the new product line to ship worldwide, according to Jobs.
“I want an iPod Touch,” said British musician KT Tunstall, who performed at the press conference. “Steve Jobs is actually making it more fun to pay for music than steal it, which is great.”IPod Touch will be available by month’s end. The devices are essentially iPhones without the mobile phone capabilities.
“We think it’s one of the seven wonders of the world,” Apple’s chief executive Steve Jobs quipped as he pulled a new iPod Touch from a pocket of his trademark blue jeans during the San Francisco press conference. “If you’ve used an iPhone you will feel very much at home.”Apple’s overhaul includes matchbook-size iPod Shuffles in new colors and iPod Nanos built with video and game capabilities.

After scanning the net to see if the ipod touch was available in NZ , The Apple Store NZ confirmed that it was but to online customers:
the ipod touch is available in 8GB (NZ$479) and 16 GB (NZ$649)
while in Australia the 8GB is $419 while the 16GB is $549.

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