Saturday, October 13, 2007

A day in the life: my rants and random thoughts

Neighbours and their [Timbland] music
It's a Saturday afternoon. My neighbours (a white couple, 19 0r 20, I can't be sure,probably enrolled at Vic Uni too) are playing Timbaland's Shock Value for the umpteenth time. I get it folks, you're into his latest offering but that shitt is getting tired.BTW you were 4 months late in picking up that album SMH (if you're reading this then you probably sense my irritation at people who catch on late to new music releases, something I pride myself on-another indication that I'm probably turning into a highly strung biatch too but I digress) I can now identfy each song by its heavy base beats,timbland-esque production as well as his wack attempts at singing (but I guess he's more bearable than P.Diddy and TI on My dear)

I'm getting old

I know I'm only 22 but it seems like every second day I am reminded that I'm getting old. Either that or I'm nostalgic with my music and can't seem to understand how Ay Bay bay got popular. I find myself downloading music from the 90s just to counter the rubbish that's coming outta hiphop, in fact I'm gonna say it now: I confess I've never heard Ay bay bay the whole way through or Crank dat. I'd rather listen to The Fugees or some Tupac or Common thank you very much.

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  1. I agree...everything seems too commercialised nowadays!! Too Britneyfied - (try Gimme More)...I think more people are coming to terms with appreciating real talent and creativity, not some over-processed sound that ends up being a 'product' compared to an artist whose put deep thought and has endured a lengthy process in order to determine a clean and fresh sound, one who isn't too occupied with the prospects of selling records but is sincere about delivering something different and pleasing to hear. I think that's why I have recently really come to love people like Alicia Keys and John Legend who despite their success and fame, still remain honest about their music to this day.