Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Day in the Life: Figuring out life

Reaching milestones is part of life. I've reached another milestone, and it marks another stage of my life. My life as a uni student is coming to an end and pretty soon I'm going to be facing real world challenges i.e. making rent, climbing the career ladder, balancing work and life.

This past week I've been sinking into holiday mode. Exams are over, there'll be parties during the festive season to attend (grins to self), and Christmas dinner and welcoming the New Year.

I realise that there are soooo many things to do and the trouble is planning things right and giving each segment of my life the appropriate length of time. There's finding a job, deciding WHERE to spend the holidays and even then do I have the money to do that? Just when I thought life was gonnna get a lil bit clearer, I have more decisions to make.

But with all things you grin and bear it and after all of it you find you've grown a little, had fun doing it and you're ready to do it all over again.

As of last week, right after my last exam (at uni ever, fingers crossed) the only thing on my mind right now is spending down time with the important people in my life followed by getting into the "real world". I guess the thing is to take things one thing at a time.

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