Thursday, November 1, 2007

On my Tupac trip

I don't know why but here I am. Sitting, watching footage of Tupac.
I think he was prolific and that's just my thoughts now, I am totally fascinated by this man and who he was, why he wrote and rapped and lived the way he lived.
Anyways I'm waxing poetic bout him but I hear him speak and I know he had something to say and was passionate about it.

Neways check out this interview.

Check out Thug Angel: Life of an Outlaw on You tube as well


  1. Tupac is an inspiration to alot of people. They have alot of messages in thier songs. I like "changes".

    In a way, it describes people who don't wanna make an improvement in their life...they are content with wat they have at the moment.


  2. Changes,Hit Em Up,Hail Mary, I Ain't Mad Atcha...these songs bring back good memories of being young and acting tough. Experimenting with drugs,bucket,steam,spray painting,joy rides.

    Sooner or later you grow up and realise that there's more to life then trying to be a thug and getting laid.

    Although he wanted to do good his overall influence in many lives has been negative.