Sunday, February 3, 2008

Last Man Standing

After returning from Brisbane and slowly adjusting back to NZ television, I would nonchalantly skip past the episodes of Last Man Standing that were saved on our MySKY
decoder. That was until last night when I watch the final episode which took place in PNG (in fact this was one of two events which took place in PNG, the other was Trobriend Cricket). The series follows 6 contenders who compete for the title of last man standing by taking part in in a series of ancient sporting festivals around the

Week 1: Kalapalo Wrestling

Week 2: Zulu Stick Fighting

Week 3: Mexican Endurance Running

Week 4: Nagaland kickboxing

Week 5: Mongolian wrestling

Week 6: Trobriand cricket

Week 7: Wolof wrestling

Week 8: Sepik canoe racing

Unfortunately I was only able to find the opening titles for the series

Check out LAST MAN STANDING for the episode guide and clips

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