Monday, July 20, 2009

Ronin Films

Ronin films is a Canberra based film distribution company. My partner after one of his long sessions trawling the net for all things PNG asked me to do a post on them after he found that they'd had a sprisingly long list of PNG films in their distiribution list.

Ronin films have been around for over thirty years and they primarily distribute independent films into the "non-theatrical" section of the film industry.The films they distibute on are hand picked by their founder Andrew Pike-"The criteria for selection are intrinsic quality and educational interest".

At present they have a list of about 17 PNG films the oldest dating back to 1976 (GOGODALA: A Cultural Revival) and the most recent films being Papa Bilong Chimbu (2007). For a full list of the PNG films on their distribution list, visit this link.

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