Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunameke @ Opening Night Pasifika 2010

My sisters and I part Mekeo and Manus. We were a little bit nervous that our cousins asked us to perform with them at the opening night at this year's Pasifika festival.

We (my sister's and I) have never taken part in a mekeo dance and our untrained and uncordinated sways left us feeling quite awkard and nervous that we wouldnt be able to pull off a decent performance. Whilst our sways (I dont think that's event the correct term to us) were nearly right we were still very nervous about the dance. But once we got on stage we danced heads held high and proud at the fact that we were giving the audience a very different view of the pacific and representing PNG which has never had any proper reprsentation at Pasifika.

We left the stage to a very stunned audience who were wondering where exactly we were from and what exactly we had performed. Most importantly, my sisters and I left the stage feeling extremely proud and grateful that we had finally gotten the opportunity to get in touch with our roots.

Big thank you to my cousins Julia and Yola as well as Kat and Sam aka Sunameke for giving us the chance to dance with them as well for the unforgettable experience.


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  2. love you cuz.... Our pleasure.. ust found this blog like 50 years after the event.. :)