Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quick links: Jeffry Feeger Interview, Its Our Game

Jeffry Feeger Interview on Radio Australia
Just finished listening to his interview with ABC Radio Australia whilst in Shanghai after he won the Shanghai Art Battle at the World Expo. Jeffry really is an inspiration to PNG artists. He's really proving that if you really have the talent and the determination to do something outside of the norm of getting a 9-5 job, you can do it.

Click here to listen

Its Our Game

Albert Veratau and Garry Juffa represent two clashing ideologies. Veratauism consist of building the code by forging strong relations with a major partner who will provide financial and technical support. It reached the echelons of our relations with Australia when former PM Rudd pulled strings to get the ball rolling on the NRL contemplating a 2015 entrant for one of our teams. Even at the operational level we saw a mass injection of technical assistance. Whole bunch of blokes flooded our shores bringing goodies. The Pacific Cup saw a full team of dimdims in everything. From setting up the PA system, touch judges, promotion and marketing consultants and even water boys. Why even the great Adrian Lam looked far and wide in the great southland for kumuls. Recruiting them from the North all the way to the south and boy they put on a show. Trashing every pacific country that came our way. It was something and Veratauism had prevail in bringing the code much needed attention.

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