Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yumi PNG perform at North Shore Pasifika 2010

This past Saturday (27/1110), a young group of Papua New Guineans performed at Auckland's North Shore Pasifika festival in New Zealand.

Comprising of members of Manus, Oro, Kerema, Milne Bay, Western Highland and Engan heritage, Yumi PNG was formed so that the youth based in Auckland's North Shore could firstly get in touch with their roots through traditional songs and dances and secondly to create a support system for themselves as a number of them have recently moved to New Zealand and transition into a new way of life and culture can be difficult.

Headed by their youth leaders Michaelyn Pokarop, Kimberly Mills and Udu Mea, the group have been practising since September for the event and on Saturday performed a dance from Milne Bay and a dance from Manus.This was the group's first official performance and the group intend to keep learning new songs and dances and hope to be able to continue performing in and around Auckland to showcase Papua New Guinea and its diversity to a country that still knows little about their island neighbour.

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  1. That is great what this youngsters are doing. Many young people in the modern age have lost there roots and don't as much of their cultural heritage and identity.

    Keep up the good work