Saturday, February 5, 2011

A film YOU SHOULD SEE!: RiP: A remix manifesto and More than a Game

I'm battling flu like symptoms but doctor says its allergies-I'm blaming my mum's rose garden right outside my lil house. I stayed at home today cos I felt like a sick dog and I didn't want to infect my co-workers or rattle customers with my sniffles and sneezing. Anyways, whilst slouching on the couch barely able to sit upright, I caught two cool movies- RiP: A remix manifesto and More than a Game.

Rip: A remix manifesto
I only caught the last 40 minutes of the 1 and a half hour film but I got that it was a film about intellectual property-the race to patent and protect ideas as well as how the protagonists were looking to and encourage us to look to Brazil-a melting pot within itself and how they were addressing copyright and intellectual property (case where Brazil was creating their own anteretroviral drugs by copying patented antretroviral drugs and were able to provide them as largely cheaper prices)

I really want to catch the whole movie so I'm on the look out for the rerun.

More than a Game:
The movie follows Lebron James and four of his close friends/basketball team mates during their time on the high school basket ball team.

I enjoy basket ball, I played a little during primary school and high school and I had my favourite players and team in the NBA.

I didn't get to follow Lebron's rise to the NBA but it was impressive to see glimpses of his talent and rise to fame during the film. He comes across as a likeable guy. They made it well and isn't really about him-they made it about their journey and I'm glad they didn't let his fame/status outshine the others or take over the film.

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