Thursday, August 9, 2007

NZ to PNG txting finally!!!

I am not sure whether or not Digicel customers can txt internationally yet but I am pretty sure I can now txt Digicel numbers from my Telecom and Vodafone cell fones. My cousin rang me from Port Moresby last night to confirm that she had gotten my txt however she was unable to send me a reply due to some tech fault (which I am sure that Digicel is probably tweaking at as I type lol). Finally some progress on the communication front with the rellies back home.
NOTE my fone is not as slick as the pic I put up for this post...


  1. Hey Illaine,

    My sisters in NZ right now and she sends me emails via her Vodafone mobile. But thanks for the heads up, will ask her to try txt us here in PNG.

    (Oh and thanks for putting a link on your blog, will do the same on my end).

  2. all,good n thanx for stopping by :-)

  3. It works! With my vodafone sim to text digicel customers...finally, this should give telecom a run for its money! More competition = better services for pov student customers like us!

  4. Illz....Can Aust people with Voda txt to PNG???