Thursday, October 11, 2007

Be Inspired

Introducing Be Inspired, a new section of The Vent where I post a Q&A of everyday Papua New Guineans who are making things happen. People have the inherent ability to be resilient and turn nothing into something. Thats the kind of inspiration I want my readers to take away when they read these posts. Enjoy the first of many to come.

What is your name?
Lisa Renee Resson-Costigan

Where are you from?

Lou Island, Manus Province – Papua New Guinea

What do you do? (job/occupation)

Accountant/External Auditor

What’s your most significant achievement(s) to date?

Academic – completing a Bachelor of Business Degree, graduating at the top of my class.
Professional – Completing my professional accounting exams, hence obtaining Associate Membership of Certified Practicing Accountants PNG; Being promoted to Senior Accountant, where the next level up is Manager.
Personal – Having and continuing to take care of my precious son, Tayshaun.

Who/what inspires you? Why?
My mother inspires me with her strength of character. She’s been through things I never want to experience. And yet, though it all, she has maintained a remarkable spirit of hope and caring. The love and attention she has showered us with has never diminished.. from childhood till today.

My father inspires me with his determination and drive, that yielded my strong academic performance throughout school.

My son inspires me become a better person, so that he in turn can cultivate the good character traits that will enable him to live a good, honest life.

Finally, I am inspired by successful professional women who prove, by being where they are in the organisational hierarchy, that women can perform at a level equivalent to their male counterparts.

If you could change one thing in your world, what would that be?

I want to be more forgiving, and appreciative of what I have now, instead of pondering upon what could or should have been. That would change a lot of things for me.

Leave us with one of your favourite quotes:

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

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