Tuesday, October 9, 2007

TIME does Style & Design

I'm on the late,late bus with this issue of Time but I needed to post this up.

The September 16 issue of Times covers Style and Design i.e. what's hot and happening in style (products,trends and looks), who are the movers and whose leading the pack in luxury brands and products and how access to products is changing - the net and the online shopping experience.

Who knew that despite the luxury brands being dominated by men, that women were still the key figures behind how making these brands successful. Enter women like Valerie Hermann (CEO of Yves Saint Laurent), Silvana and Roberta Armani and Wanda Ferragamo.

The issue also looked into the emerging markets of consumer brands in India,China and Russia. A larger part of their populations were now leaning towards being more brand conscious which has driven up the demand for luxury brands.

Maybe I was drawn to the fashion and the products being covered but I think a larger part of me was intrigued at how successful these women were in there roles. Don't sleep on this issue of Time!

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