Thursday, October 11, 2007

Women's petition against violence

Since the Women's Petition on Violence was presented to Pariliament on Tuesday women's accounts of abuse and violence in the home has been given a growth in coverage in the Post Courier. I think the media spotlight on this issue has highlighted that there is a growing need to have systems in place to help victims. Maybe the next move should be to set up a help line, support groups and couciling services for victims and design a public awareness campaign to curb domestic violence.

New Zealand in the last few months launched a "Domestic Violence: Its not okay" campaign to combat the growing cases of violence against children and in the home. Apart fromt that there is the global movement of "thursdays in black" which encourages supporters to wear black on Thursday in support of a "world without rape and violence in our community". Student bodies in NZ have also been pushing this campaign although awareness of it's existence seems to be in decline.

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