Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A day in the life: how hard it is for a young, dark female

Last year I sourced an article from Clutch Magazine online- Degree=job??? and the more I am able to count the weeks passing without success in getting a job at graduate or entry level, the more I realise how hard success is to
Here I am, two months away from holding my formal qualification in my hands and the fact is, it may not mean squat. Why? Well now more than ever, competition for jobs is extremely high and coming off the mark with two strikes against me (gender and ethnicity) makes it less easy for to get where I want to be.

Trawling through job adverts in my chosen field (journalism, PR, media, publishing, and likes) leaves one a little disheartened when a minimum of 6 months experience is a requirement and all I have is countless assignment work (which I doubt counts as experience), the voluntary work I've done for my student association, my work experience in fields besides the one I am now choosing.

Looking back I admit I screwed up when I chose not to seek out intern opportunities or taking the chance to write articles for the campus magazine (even if I thought it was bogus I should have written something I guess). In my defence, I was young, dumb and ill advised as to what my options were.

So where to from my present state of joblessness? The pages of seek.co.nz, the situations vacant columns of the North Shore Times and a 75 per cent chance of a starter career in fashion retail.

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